For the tough ones its all about the cable power. Our cable machines can handle anything from 1/2" to 10" pipe diameter. From our hand held units to our state of the art, reliable and powerful drum machines. Our largest machine can do 200' of 3" and up lines, our medium and light duty machines can handle 100' in 1-1/2" to 4" diameter pipe.​

We also have a 200' Inspection Camera for confirmation of pipe integrity or bad slopes or sags in line. Or just for personal satisfaction when buying a "NEW" home that everything is as good as it should be.

Our Toys



We have a powerful pressure Jetter that can thaw frozen lines or culverts, clean built up grease or old scaled pipes. It will clear and clean any size line up to 6" in diameter with runs in the 200' - 250' depending on amount of bends and turns. 


Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services

We are a New locally owned and operated sewer and drain cleaning company. Our services are available to all of Prince Albert and surrounding areas.

Who You Gonna Call ?

CLOG BUSTERS Sewer And Drain Cleaning Services specialize in residential, commercial and agricultural drain lines.  From tubs, sinks, toilets, laundry lines or floor drains in your home, office or work place too Restaurants, Pubs and Professional home kitchens with grease traps, public toilets or urnals, and what about the farmers with their lagoon lines, septic pipes, field lines and so much more.

Who You Gonna Call ? ​

If we can't handle the job, we will be happy in assisting you in finding somebody that can and is qualified for that particular issue your having. We carry everything in our service vans that is needed to perform almost every task at hand. We will never do anything without reason or without permission. 

Who You Gonna Call ? ​

We offer 24 hour emergency service. We are fully licenced and Insured, our equipment is always maintained and running smoothly. We are Drain Cleaning Specialist, Not Plumbers. Safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. So when in doubt and want to see what we can offer just call CLOG BUSTERS

Call the Best and Flush the Rest !!! 

(306) 922-3210