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CLOG BUSTERS Sewer And Drain Cleaning Services is a locally owned and operated, fully licenced and insured sewer and drain cleaning company here in Prince Albert.

 CLOG BUSTERS can take care of your clogged drains, your over flowing toilets, frozen pipes, clogged culverts or the sewer water that's backed up in your basement. What about your kitchen drain, your laundry line, your mainline.

All of these can do with regular cleaning and maintenance. Just once a year even for your own personal satisfaction that nothing should block, plug, back-up, smell or even just drain slowly over the winter season.

We have a 200' Sewer Camera that can be your "Last Resort" for problem solving or it also can help you dispute an insurance claim with video time and date stamped proof. Or just

for the pure knowledge and satisfaction that your sewer pipes

are in perfect running order.

​CLOG BUSTERS Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services are here for all your residential, commercial and agricultural needs. We are proud to serve ​all of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and the Surrounding Areas.

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